Most imported foods in the hottest lion market are

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Most imported foods in Shishi market are not marked with Chinese

recently, many citizens have reported to our newspaper that China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade export. When buying some imported foods in supermarkets, they are confused because the outer packaging is all in foreign languages. Recently, a survey of most supermarkets and some stores selling imported goods in our city found that most imported foods have no Chinese labels

a wide range of imported food

at present, most large supermarkets in our city have counters for imported food, and there are many kinds. Many imported foods, from cakes, candies to beverages, are sold in a food store on Baodao Road, with most of the imported beverages coming from South Korea. The survey found that the vast majority of imported foods did not have Chinese labels, except for some Japanese foods in one or two supermarkets

imported food in supermarkets is favored by many citizens, but most citizens buy it in a fog. "I think foreign things should be better, so I bought them." A woman who was shopping for food said that she often went to the imported food counter to buy foreign food, but because the goods were not marked in Chinese, she had to consult for a long time before she knew what the food in the packaging box was

it is difficult to guarantee the quality of food without marking in Chinese

supermarkets sell imported food, but some shopping guides can't say what the imported food sold in supermarkets is. Walking into a large supermarket near the pedestrian street, you can see that the counter is full of imported food not far from the cashier. When you pick up a box of food written in English and ask the shopping guide, the shopping guide said she didn't know what was in the box. "This should be orange juice?" The staff of a supermarket near the Baqi Road Administration for Industry and commerce must maintain the principle of saving resources. The clerk said uncertainly after holding a pattern that looked like an orange outside the packaging bottle. Most shopping guides only know the name of the food, but they don't know the ingredients and suitable people of the food. In a supermarket, it was found that some imported foods were close to the shelf life, and the production date on some packages was vague

citizens should pay attention to purchase

it is understood that last year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a notice that imported food without Chinese labels will be banned. According to the law of the people's Republic of China on the corresponding increase in the demand for renewable energy and the increase in quality, imported food without the name of the country of origin, region and the name and address of agents, importers or dealers registered in China according to law shall not be sold, and the outer packaging of special food such as transgenic food shall also be clearly marked with "identity" in a prominent position

insiders reminded the public that consumers should not blindly pursue "foreign goods", and imported food without Chinese logo should not be bought. (Lin Zhijie)

is doomed to poor adaptability

reprinted from: China's food industry

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