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"We can work hard and creatively"

"unexpectedly, Luo wenneng solved the problem of water and feces on the drilling rig that could not be solved in more than a month." On April 13, Shi Yusheng, the leader of the pumping team of Yuyang coal mine of Chongqing energy group, frowned tightly for more than a month and stretched his eyebrows. At the team Committee, he happily said several unexpected things

this year, the team introduced MK-4 coal mine hydraulic tunnel drilling rig used in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China for the construction of pumping holes, but in the process of use, it was found that the design of the drilling rig was unreasonable, the preparation time for the upper and lower drill pipes was long, the operation was very troublesome, and the work efficiency did not rise but fell. In this regard, the team deployed technical backbones to tackle key technical problems, but it failed after several "tosses". Later, the technical backbones agreed that this type of drill was not suitable for construction in gas roadway. Captain Shi Yusheng frowned

"Captain Shi, our class believes that the main reason for the low efficiency of the drilling rig's toilet construction is that the toilet device is not matched with the drill pipe, and the operation is troublesome when loading and unloading the drill pipe, which affects the use effect. Whether we can process a long and small fault 1: when the material is not within the required gauge when the zigzag testing machine is broken; the above reasons are mostly dynamic stiffness testing machines, which are mainly used for elastomer, rubber elastomer, shock absorber and so on Test of stiffness, damping coefficient, damping angle and other parameters and fatigue resistance test: try the water toilet with irregular geometry of the tested material, poor concentricity of the zigzag testing machine itself, and damaged points on the clamping part of the tested material? " Luo Wen, an operation team member of the team, was able to find the team leader together with the team members and express their ideas

"it makes sense. Now we can only treat dead horses as living ones." According to the suggestions of Luo wenneng, the team processed the water closet of the drilling rig. Unexpectedly, the trial was successful. The improved water closet of the drilling rig is not only flexible, but also safer to operate. The drilling footage of each shift is increased by nearly 30 meters, and the direct effect is nearly 1000 yuan

"how did you think of it?" Afterwards, the author interviewed the team. "This drill looks comfortable and complicated to use. We just thought while working: how can we drill more footage, improve pumping efficiency and increase income? After thinking about it, we came up with it." Monitor Luo wenneng said

"at that time, several people in our team made several water toilet models with plastic molds on the site, and we analyzed them one by one. When you say in-situ synthesis technology, I say, who says it properly, let's play with it and try it out." Deputy monitor Luo Qiuzhong recalled the scene at that time

author's feelings: "As the front-line production team employees, the most basic thing is labor. To make labor more valuable, there is no doubt that creative labor is more needed. Although the grass-roots team employees have low culture, they can open their wisdom to creative labor in their work, improve work efficiency and create extraordinary value. How to tap the wisdom of team employees, mobilize their creative brain cells, and let team employees work creatively is worth it Every manager must think deeply

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