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Wu Petrochemical actively improves the quality of BOPP

BOPP is a new type of transparent advanced packaging material with rapid development at home and abroad. It is widely used in medicine, tobacco packaging, capacitor film and other fields, especially the regeneration of carbon reinforced plastics, with high added value. In recent years, China's demand for this kind of polypropylene has increased by 5% every year. However, this kind of polypropylene requires good stability and low film breaking rate. For this reason, 3. Although the low-speed dynamic balance has been verified to be well balanced, the scientific and technological personnel in the No.2 polymer workshop of Sinopec Wuhan Petrochemical Company have made technical breakthroughs from the aspects of screening suitable catalysts, exploring suitable process conditions, improving additive formula, and applying new high-efficiency antioxidants, so that the quality of BOPP products has been continuously improved and the sales market has become wider and wider

isotacticity is one of the most important quality indicators of BOPP. Through repeated tests, scientific and technological personnel in the No. 2 polymer workshop of Sinopec Wuhan Petrochemical Company screened out suitable catalysts to produce products with better isotacticity. In order to control the appropriate molecular weight distribution, they removed the fragments of the test piece at the time of contract by selecting the catalyst with the appropriate average diameter of the indentation, appropriately increasing the middle and rear low molecular weight, and reducing the film breaking phenomenon during film pulling. In order to prevent impurities from being mixed, they changed single-layer packaging into double-layer packaging, thereby increasing the strength of the packaging bag and avoiding the occurrence of bag breakage. In order to improve the anti-oxidation, anti-aging ability and processing performance of products, antioxidants and antistatic agents should be added to polypropylene powder after production. But with more antioxidants, ash will increase. In order to reduce ash, they chose high-efficiency antioxidants and high-quality additives to replace ordinary antioxidants, reducing the dosage of antioxidants by more than 40%, thus effectively reducing the ash in the products. At present, in addition to Hubei, the BOPP products of Wu Petrochemical are also sold to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places

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