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Yuanxin packaging received "financial support" to develop new packaging products

for the paper packaging industry, it is now in the off-season. In Jiangsu Taizhou Yuanxin Packaging Co., Ltd., there is a busy scene. Workers are loading bundles of packaged paper products into trucks, ready to send them to Hai'an, Taixing, Xinghua, Dongtai and other places. "The company's sales radius is about 80 kilometers, and our customers are in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. At present, there are sufficient orders. From the Spring Festival to now, the normal daily shipment is about 500000." The general manager of the company, it can also reduce power consumption. Lin Shengguang just received a wave of customers and took the time to accept the interview. He said: "last year, the company's sales revenue reached about 120million, and this year is expected to grow to 150million."

foreign makers received loan support and laid the foundation for stable development

Lin Shengguang, born in 1968 in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, has served as the business manager of Guangdong JieXi friendship company, the business manager of Guangdong Huizhou road and Bridge Development Company, and the physical energy test method of river tensile testing machine for toothbrush tuft tension: gb19342 ⑵ 003 general manager of south Guangdong East Paper Co., Ltd. Maybe he was born sharp and aggressive. Just by chance, he fell in love with Jiangyan and took root for more than ten years

in 2005, Lin Shengguang came to Taizhou for a visit. As a relative happened to set up a carton factory in Taizhou, he stopped by to learn something about the market. "At that time, there were very few industries such as paperboard and packaging in Taizhou. Customers had to queue up to pick up goods and raw materials. It was common to wait for six or seven days. This situation did not exist in Guangdong, and it was usually done in twoorthree days." Lin Shengguang, who is familiar with this industry, soon smelled the business opportunities. He recalled, "the mayor at that time also paid special attention to attracting investment and accompanied me on a special trip to inspect the factory buildings and investigate the market. So within twoorthree days of visiting, I decided to invest here."

with the support of the local government, Taizhou Yuanxin Packaging Co., Ltd. completed the construction and production in just three months. However, in the early stage of entrepreneurship, challenges will always come unexpectedly. Raw material companies do not know enough about new enterprises and dare not cooperate rashly; Raw materials are required to be purchased in cash; When the product is made, the customer requires to take the goods on credit first; The factory is rented, and there is no mortgage if you want to borrow money... For Yuanxin packaging, who is unfamiliar with his place of life, capital flow soon became the first big problem

fortunately, after the local government learned about this situation, it immediately linked the enterprises with Jiangyan rural commercial bank. "At that time, we also contacted the rural commercial bank twice, and the bank helped us contact Guoxin guarantee, and implemented the loan. More than ten days later, 500000 funds were in place." Lin Shengguang said gratefully, "from not knowing the enterprise at all to releasing funds, Jiangyan rural commercial bank is very fast and efficient, which has helped us solve our urgent need. For me, a stranger, I feel very warm."

Lin Shengguang told that the 500000 loan was used as the working capital of the enterprise for the purchase of raw materials in the later stage. The arrival of this timely payment also allowed the production and operation of the enterprise to enter a stable development stage

fine management has been recognized, and loans have caught up with the industry "bull market"

500000, 1million, 4million, 9million, 22million... This is the change in the loan limit of Yuanxin packaging in Jiangyan rural commercial bank in the past ten years. Behind the rising amount of funds is the increasing financial support of Jiangyan rural commercial bank for Yuanxin packaging, which is also a recognition of the strength of Yuanxin packaging

"in the rough processing industry, quality and service are the two gold lettered signboards of Yuanxin packaging." Lin Shengguang said that the quality control of Yuanxin packaging is reflected in the purchase of raw materials. The company mainly selects well-known raw material suppliers for cooperation; Second, it is reflected in the production link. On the one hand, the domestic leading production equipment is introduced; on the other hand, all employees are trained in pre job professional training, and can only take up their posts after passing the examination

for service, Lin Shengguang said that for the paper packaging industry, the most important thing is to pay attention to timely delivery and details, even if it is a small single quantity of cars, it should also be in place in time. "Our customer orders are generally divided into three levels: A, B and C. class a customers have urgent needs and are required to be in place on the same day; class B customers need to deliver within two days; class C customers' needs are not urgent. After receiving class a customers, the company will take a unified step from the office, production line, logistics fleet and shippers and give priority." He told that the company has also set up a detailed reward and punishment system to specifically regulate services, such as whether the deliveryman unloaded the goods to the designated place according to the customer's regulations, subcontracted the goods according to the regulations, stacked the goods neatly, and so on

opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Under careful management, Yuanxin packaging is becoming more and more famous. With the help of Jiangyan rural commercial bank, Yuanxin packaging, which is not worried about sales, ushered in the development climax of the enterprise in the rise in the price of base paper in 2016. In 2016, due to the demolition of the original leased plant, Yuanxin packaging purchased land in Huangcun village, Liangxu town. "Due to the shortage of working capital due to the new plant and equipment, as soon as the real estate certificate came down, we applied for an 18million mortgage loan from Jiangyan rural commercial bank." Lin Shengguang said, "at that time, the packaging industry was experiencing the biggest market fluctuation. In a month, raw materials rose from more than 2000 to more than 5000 per ton. Thanks to agricultural commercial banks, their loans came down very quickly. Qian 1 formulated the 1351 new material project. As soon as the project arrived, we bought all the base paper, just in time to catch up with the 'bull market' of the paper industry."

innovation gives the rough processing industry more space

annual sales have ranged from more than 20 million to more than 100 million. Today, Yuanxin packaging seems to be the leader of paper packaging production enterprises in Jiangyan area. Although he is in the rough processing industry, Lin Shengguang has never given up giving the industry higher value with innovation

in recent years, Yuanxin packaging has summed up the shortcomings of low production capacity, high energy consumption, high scrap rate, and more labor, and has invested more than 3 million in technical transformation. Lin Shengguang said that now, in Yuanxin packaging, the domestic leading seven layer paperboard production line that can realize the functions of automatic edge alignment and automatic waste discharge has already become the "main force" of production. "Technological transformation requires human participation. The production capacity has increased by about 150%, the energy consumption has decreased by 50%, the scrap rate has decreased by 20%, and the labor force has been reduced by one third."

at present, on the side of the company, the construction of the second phase project covering an area of 15 mu is accelerating. Lin Shengguang told that at that time, five production lines will be launched in the new plant, and the Convention will be broken, and new packaging products will be developed. "The new products will be more precise, more scientific and technological, and have higher added value than previous products." Towards the end of the interview, Lin Shengguang deliberately sold a pass. However, the answer will be revealed soon

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