Requirements for machining accuracy of the hottest

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requirements for machining accuracy of mechanical parts

automotive parts such as fuel injector, power steering gear, ABS brake, throttle valve, air conditioning compressor parts, rocker arm and so on have very high requirements for machining accuracy. The machine tool equipment must reach a very high machining level and have enough flexibility to cope with product changes

The achievements of the b/c axis

common rail fuel injection technology of the Mikron nrg-50 rotary modular machine tool have transformed the diesel engine from the impression of noise and pollution into an efficient modern power source. At the same time, it has stimulated the progress of the machine tool processing technology and the application and development of high-performance machine tools, and made it step to a new level in the special production technology

as diesel engines are favored by more and more drivers, their achievements and production processes are also applied to direct injection gasoline engines

increasingly stringent requirements

the fuel injector of diesel and gasoline engines is a key part with extremely high technical requirements, because it directly affects the fuel combustion performance and final emission of vehicles. With the increasingly stringent requirements of various environmental protection legislation, the related design, processing technology and equipment, manufacturing process, etc. must constantly break through the existing limits

there are also forces from the market. With the constant change of the consumer economy, consumers demand high performance, low price, low fuel consumption and longer reliable working time, which means higher performance, higher pump pressure and more precise fuel flow for the engine fuel injector. To reach a higher level in these aspects, it is necessary to improve the machining accuracy of parts and reduce the dimensional error of parts as much as possible. The size is more precise and the geometric tolerance is smaller, which also meets the requirements of the continuously developing vehicle management system software and control electronic components

to meet such requirements, the materials used for the parts may need to be changed, which may mean that the parts are more difficult to process, the surface requirements are more precise, and the number of parts to be assembled will be reduced, which also makes the parts more complex. All these require that the processing equipment must have higher production consistency, and the allowable error or deviation is very small or even no error, It is better that the whole processing process should also be integrated into a processing cycle. Parts can be processed in multiple processes in a shorter time through one clamping and positioning. Obviously, this further increases the complexity factor of processing and manufacturing

mature technology

as one of the two major groups under Mikron, Switzerland, Mikron Processing Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leaders in fuel injection processing technology. It has been committed to meeting the above-mentioned requirements from automotive manufacturers and end consumers, and providing a variety of high-performance processing technologies and equipment for automotive key precision parts such as fuel injection systems

profile of an injector part machined by Mikron modular machine tool

markus Schnyder, general manager of machine tool Department of Mikron machining technology company, said: "Mikron Processing Technology Co., Ltd. provides processing equipment accounting for about 1/3 of its sales in the field of fuel injection. At present, there are more than 350 sets of Mikron processing systems operating in the world, and its processing technology has always been in the forefront of this rapidly developing precision processing field. Of course, unlike other machine tool suppliers, Mikron Processing Technology Co., Ltd. also provides machine tool equipment and special tool technology. Comprehensive and mature technology can bring more satisfaction to users Midea processing program. "

a large number of special machine tools, high-efficiency rotary and linear combination machine tools and special machine tools were used on the processing line of the fuel injector industry. The most fatal problem of this production line is that the service life of equipment and products is the same. Today's market has been completely changed, and the flexibility of product upgrading is becoming more and more important. Therefore, the required equipment must have the ability to increase or reduce the output according to the market requirements, reset the tools according to the requirements of new products, and obtain higher productivity through changing the process to meet the requirements of cost reduction and performance improvement. This is also the symbol of the era of flexibility

mikron's processing technology has gradually established a knowledge base to meet various processing requirements. As a provider of overall solutions, Mikron not only provides equipment, but also improves technology and production process with users to help users better improve production efficiency and shorten manufacturing cycle. Through such practice, Mikron has created the so-called "core processing range", which can create schemes and carry out actual processing according to the requirements of output, productivity and required flexibility level

suitable for processing various parts

mikron processing system has a wide range of applications, and can mass produce various small and medium-sized precision automotive parts, such as fuel injectors, power steering gear, ABS brakes, throttle, air conditioning compressor components, rocker arms, etc

if you have other questions, you can contact our customer service at any time. The experts of Mikron processing technology company can carefully select the most appropriate model - multisteptm, multistartm, multifactortm or Mikron nrg-50tm to solve the processing problems of each customer. Multisteptm series is a linear multi unit flexible machining system, and multistartm, multifactortm and nrg-50tm series are rotary multi station combined machining machines. The main reason for choosing machine tool model is that plastic instead of steel is one of the important development trends of automobile lightweight. The decisive factors are: the number of operations to be performed, accuracy requirements and output requirements

cnc controlled, modular and highly flexible multisteptm machine tool is a leading equipment of Mikron processing technology company for processing engine fuel injection system. It is a machine tool with expandable parts straight-line transmission. The tool change and cutting interval is less than 1s. 5-axis linkage can process 5.5 faces, which is suitable for small and medium-sized batch processing. The workpiece size can reach 150mm × 150mm × 100mm, one-time clamping can process shell parts such as fuel injector shell. Multisteptm machine tool combines the efficiency of modular machining machine tool with the flexibility of machining center, which embodies a new concept of machine tool

The multistartm machine tool with

24 station is a rotary indexing modular machine tool, which can be equipped with up to 44 processing shaft units. It can process fuel injection nozzles from solid rough embryos, with an efficiency of 600 pieces per hour. The new CNC controlled machining unit has been designed and manufactured as a standardized module, which can be installed in the upper, lower, side and inclined directions. The maximum configuration is a 3-axis CNC machining unit. The CNC controlled machining unit can also be combined with a rotating spring collet (also controlled by CNC), so that the workpiece to be machined can be accurately positioned in the circumferential direction, and can also be directly turned on it. The multistar cx-24 machine tool is also equipped with a new graphical operation interface, i.e. human machine interface (HMI). This kind of interface is easy to wear, easy to observe and has strong adaptability. The positioning accuracy of the rotary table multi station machine tool can meet the strict requirements of the automotive industry. With this new type of machining unit, the economic machining size range can be up to? 32mm × 60mm various workpieces

crazy drill bit and internally cooled crazy drill bit manufactured by Mikron tool company

the mechanically driven multifactortm machine tool is particularly suitable for processing nozzle shell, gasket, plunger sleeve, injector shell and piston, etc. at most, 3-axis CNC machining unit can be installed to increase flexibility. The multifactortm machine tool has a body with 8, 10, 12 or 15 stations, and the maximum workpiece size can reach 100mm × 100mm × 100mm, the standard fixture is suitable for various needs, and the economic output is more than 30 square pieces per year. The most outstanding characteristics of multifactortm machine tool are highly modular combination, good versatility and good rigidity

mikron Processing Technology Co., Ltd. also has its Mikron nrg-50tm machine tool, which was finalized in 2005. It is a rotary 12 station modular machine tool, which can be equipped with 96 cutters in total. It is highly flexible and can be equipped with 140 NC axes at most. Due to the adoption of ATS system, its machining accuracy has reached a new level. Mikron nrg-50tm machine tool can simultaneously use 30 cutters to process all surfaces of parts from any angle in one cycle. It can be seen that Mikron nrg-50tm is indeed a great progress in the machine tool industry and is at the forefront of production technology

of course, all Mikron machine tools are suitable for processing materials with various properties, regardless of the hardness of the materials

another major advantage of Mikron machining technology company in providing comprehensive solutions for the fuel injector field comes from her sister company, Mikron cutting tools company, which is located next to the headquarters of Mikron machining technology company and has a high level of specialization. Mikron tool company can improve the design scheme of drill, end milling cutter and forming cutter according to the actual application requirements of users and the requirements from the machine tool design and manufacturing department. The results not only improve the efficiency in production and prolong the tool life, but also improve the geometric accuracy of the tool, ensuring that the part processing accuracy, tool life and processing technology can be completely replaced from the machine tool to the part

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