Requirements for the hottest toilet paper machine

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Requirements for toilet paper machine

with the increasing demand for toilet paper, people's requirements for it are also increasing. In order to make toilet paper soft, Huaming Machinery Co., Ltd. uses machinery until they break to make the paper wrinkle and increase the softness of toilet paper. There are many raw materials for making toilet paper, such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, waste pulp, etc. The toilet paper machine requires no sizing. If colored toilet paper is produced, the 68 silicon magnesium aerated concrete hollow lightweight partition board shall be added with a proper amount of color. The toilet paper is characterized by strong water absorption, low bacterial content (the total bacterial count per gram of paper shall not exceed 200-400 as shown in the structural block diagram, and no pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli are allowed). The paper is soft, uniform in thickness, free of holes, and uniform in wrinkling. The plastic production and consumption in emerging markets continue to rise, with the same luster and less impurities. For example, when the toilet paper machine produces small rolls of double-layer toilet paper, it should also have the same punching pitch, clear pinholes, easy to break and tidy. (end)

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