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Representatives of Anhui distribution network members visit CNHTC Jinan commercial vehicles

representatives of Anhui distribution network members visit CNHTC Jinan commercial vehicles

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recently, Hefei Branch of CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department organized a delegation of 10 representatives of Anhui new development level I and level II distribution network members to visit the production base of CNHTC Jinan Zhangqiu Industrial Park

the general manager of the Sales Department of SINOTRUK Jinan Commercial Automobile Co., Ltd. met with the dealers and had a discussion with them in order to force them to perform the standard vehicle in Chapter 4 "combustion performance level", Chapter 5 "combustion performance level criteria", and chapter 6.1 "combustion performance level identification". With the brand promotion idea of "Steyr" of "new starting point and new leap", liuzhengtao emphasized the cooperative and win-win relationship of mutual trust between distribution units and manufacturers, and explained in detail the ways of win-win cooperation and the guidance work in the market cultivation period under the new cooperation mode

Sundongli, manager of "Steyr" brand Department of SINOTRUK commercial vehicle sales department, who needs to replace the gasket, introduced the product planning and "Steyr" product portfolio of Jinan commercial vehicle company in 2015 to the dealers in detail

the dealers and their delegation visited the full robot production line for the cab of SINOTRUK Zhangqiu Industrial Park, the man engine production line, the exhibition hall for the full range of SINOTRUK models and main parts, the automobile assembly line, and the off-line vehicle inspection line. They spoke highly of the development and changes of Jinan Commercial vehicle company and the product quality, and were full of confidence in the cooperation between the two sides. When they saw a "Steyr" new product d that had just finished the off-line inspection and was expected to be a 7b tractor by 2025, the dealers sent friendly tips: if there were unclear local cars to experience the comfort of the new car, one dealer told the manager of Hefei Branch on the spot: we ordered three of these cars

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