Requirements for safe use of the hottest crusher

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Requirements for safe use of crusher

the impact of speed can be neglected

1. The crusher driver must be trained and work with certificate. Closely cooperate with the scraper conveyor driver, transfer machine driver and retractable belt conveyor driver, unify the signal contact, start and stop the machine in sequence, and do not use the flashing light signal

2. Operators and other personnel are strictly prohibited from approaching the crusher in operation. The experimental preparation shall be in accordance with the national standard gb/t 7314 (2) 005 "metal materials tightening method at room temperature"

3. The crusher shall be started under no-load conditions; The interval between two jogs shall not be less than 90s, and the continuous jog shall not exceed 5 times

4. When the crusher is stuck by large gangues or other sundries, it is strictly prohibited to pry and move it with hands or other tools. It must be stopped first and then handled

5. When someone is pulled down by the scraper conveyor in front of the crusher, stop the crusher immediately

6. During operation, attention must be paid to the coal unloading of the scraper conveyor, and it is not allowed to pull the large gangue, track wood, I-steel and other sundries into the crusher, so as to prevent the crusher from being stuck and damaged. The machine must be shut down to handle the above sundries

specific scheme of applying computer measurement and control technology to traditional press

7. If the transfer machine is stopped, the crusher shall be stopped in time. Before starting the transfer machine, the crusher shall be started first to avoid overload

8. Pay attention to the sound of the crusher at any time. In case of any abnormality, timely inquire the position of the brick loaded electronic tensile testing machine about the possible problems? The driver sends out the shutdown signal, and stops the machine for treatment in time, and the power is cut off and locked

9. When handling large coal, gangue and rock on the transfer machine, the crusher shall be locked

10. Ensure that all safety protection facilities of the crusher are in good condition. It is not allowed to use the crusher whose spray device is damaged and whose dust curtain at the outlet and inlet is damaged

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