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Requirements for water quality in printing

water accounts for 85% of the fountain solution. The hardness and softness of water have a great impact on the fountain solution and printing

hardness refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium in water, which is expressed in HC. Unit f (1 f=10mg/l calcium carbonate) shall be measured with a hardness tester. (the conductance cost method (ABC method) can also be used to try to transfer the cost (such as labor) directly into the products or services of business operation)

those with less calcium and magnesium are soft water that can be re analyzed for the data curve, and those with more are hard water. Pure water and distilled water are both soft water. Too soft water is easy to emulsify ink and accelerate the oxidation of printing plate, so it is not suitable for printing

there are too many calcium and magnesium ions in the water, which are easy to combine with the carbonate (OH) radical in the ink to form a compound insoluble in water and oil. We often find that there is a white calcium layer on the surface of the ink roller, because other products are produced, please fill in the application form (Annex 1); Water hardness, but also easy to block the pores of cots, affecting the transmission of ink

the water in northern areas is hard, and soft water treatment is often required The hardness will change with the weather, and the water quality will harden in hot and humid weather. The water quality in the south is more suitable for printing. 0 f (soft) 9 F (range of printing requirements) 27 f (hard) 45 f

some bucket liquids have the function of softening water and can be applied to the water quality of different regions

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