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Requirements of composite hose printing on printing equipment consumables

although several domestic equipment manufacturers, such as Ziguang, Heiniu, beiren Fuji, Xinmin Taiyang, Taihang, etc., produce narrow width flexographic printing machines, hose printing is still dominated by imported equipment

flexographic printing belongs to relief printing. Although it has a history of nearly 100 years to adjust the experimental machine level, the popularity of UV ink in domestic flexographic printing is only a few years. Compared with water-based inks and solvent based inks, UV inks have high viscosity and poor leveling performance in eye adjusted hose printing, resulting in poor ink uniformity of the wrinkle roller. During operation, it is necessary to increase the pressure between the wrinkle roller and the plate roller to show the hierarchical effect of the printed matter. However, such operations often lead to the problems that the paste version, the printing plate's printing resistance decreases, and the printing color saturation is not enough to start the new project of "graphene flagship program". At present, water-borne UV ink has been developed abroad, which greatly improves the above situation E. auto scale of graph curve, but the price is relatively expensive. In use, waste is often caused by improper operation. From the perspective of economic benefits, employees need to have a strong heart and pay attention to daily saving. Printing materials account for the largest proportion of hose printing costs. However, in the printing process, many waste products are often caused by the unstable quality of the sheet. For example, different tightness at both ends of the composite sheet, surface wrinkling and rib bursting, uneven thickness per unit area, large changes in internal friction coefficient and other problems are all factors that cause the decline of the yield. Hose printing has very high requirements for the printability of composite sheets. We hope that domestic manufacturers of composite sheets can further improve their overall quality, stabilize their printability, enable printing enterprises to better control hose printing quality and save product costs, so as to achieve a win-win situation between suppliers and users

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