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The mechanical seal device requires the use of

mechanical seal. As long as you require accurate installation, the shaft (or shaft sleeve) sealing cavity sealing end cover and the mechanical seal itself must be cleaned to prevent any impurities from entering the sealing part

1) the mechanical seal gland (including the static ring) shall not be turned until the installation is completed, so as to prevent the dynamic and static rings from scratching each other

2) when installing the mechanical seal for the split pump, the contact end of the cavity must be sealed with sealant to prevent the liquid from leaking from the sealing gland

3) when the temperature of the transmission medium is too high, too low, or contains impurity particles, as well as flammable, explosive and toxic, corresponding measures such as sealing flushing, cooling and filtration must be taken

4) the shaft (or shaft sleeve) at the mechanical seal installation site shall meet the following requirements: the radial runout tolerance of the shaft (or shaft sleeve) at the mechanical seal installation site, ① when the outer diameter of the shaft or shaft sleeve is within the range of 10-50, the radial runout tolerance shall be within 0.04mm. ② When the outer diameter of the shaft or shaft sleeve is within the range of 50-120, the radial runout tolerance shall be within 0.06mm. The new Zytel fr 73200tc has high cooling capacity and design flexibility

5) when the pump with mechanical seal or other similar rotating machinery is working, the axial string of rotor shall not exceed 0.03mm

mechanical seal is one of the basic mechanical components with precision and complex structure. It is the key component of various pumps, reaction reactors, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other equipment. Its sealing performance and service life depend on many factors, such as type selection, accuracy of the machine, and correct existing process. In principle, it can be used for installation in the automotive industry

I. selection method

mechanical seals include high-temperature and low-temperature resistant mechanical seals, high-pressure and corrosion-resistant mechanical seals, granular medium resistant mechanical seals and mechanical seals suitable for vaporizable light hydrocarbon media according to different working conditions and media properties. Mechanical seals of different structural types and materials shall be selected according to different uses

the main parameters for model selection include: seal cavity pressure (MPA), fluid temperature (℃), working speed (M/s), fluid characteristics and effective space for installing seals

the basic principle of model selection is:

1. According to the pressure of the seal chamber, the seal structure is determined to be balanced or unbalanced, single face or double face, etc

2。 According to the working speed, the rotary or static type, fluid dynamic pressure type or non-contact type shall be adopted

3。 Determine the friction pairs and auxiliary sealing materials according to the temperature and fluid properties, and correctly select the mechanical seal cycle protection systems such as lubrication, flushing, heat preservation, cooling, etc

4。 According to the effective space for installing the seal, it is determined to use multi spring, single spring or wave spring, internal or external

II. Installation and use requirements of mechanical seal

1. Requirements of mechanical seal on machine accuracy (taking mechanical seal for pump as an example)

(1) the maximum radial runout tolerance of shaft (or shaft sleeve) at the part where the mechanical seal is installed shall not exceed 0.04 ~ 0.06mm

(2) the axial movement of rotor shall not exceed 0.3mm

(3) the maximum runout tolerance of the locating end face of the seal cavity combined with the seal end cap to the shaft (or shaft sleeve) surface shall not exceed 0.04 ~ 0.06mm

2. Confirmation of seals

(promoting the development and upgrading of private economy 1) confirm whether the installed seals are consistent with the required models

(2) before installation, carefully compare with the general assembly drawing to see if the number of parts is complete

(3) for mechanical seals with parallel coil spring drive, the spring can be divided into left and right rotation, which shall be selected according to the rotation direction of the rotating shaft

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