Requirements for wire cutting of the hottest hardw

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Wire cutting of hardware mold requires that the female mold of hardware mold will be made into a certain degree of taper in order to avoid chip jumping, so the kerstan solution is set for wire cutting. "He explained that the equipment should have the ability of taper cutting

both wire cutting and EDM belong to rough machining (except for slow wire walking). Generally, the forming part of stamping die seldom uses wire, which is more likely to appear on the old machine. It mainly uses forming grinder, optical curve grinder, coordinate grinder, etc. wire cutting is mainly used for the processing of some parts without matching requirements, such as backing plate and punch fixing plate, which want to avoid deformation after heat treatment, According to my work, two-thirds of the enterprises will be forced to withdraw from the molds they touch. There are no special requirements except for the degree of taper

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