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Light luxury style is a kind of style that pays attention to high quality and a sense of design, is powerful but does not seek to show off, and always shows extraordinary charm and shows a refined and high-end attitude to life. Now let's have a look with the collar embroidery wall cloth

what is luxury

"light" represents elegance Low key and comfortable

"luxury" refers to exquisite and luxurious

and light luxury style

is a kind of attention to high quality and design sense

is powerful but does not want to show off

and shows extraordinary charm all the time

shows a refined and high-end life attitude

is a "no burden, quality" Life philosophy

in the space of light luxury style

under the seemingly simple appearance, it often reflects a kind of

hidden aristocratic temperament

people can't resist

just want to live in this elegant and exquisite light luxury room

enjoy the beauty of life

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embroidered wall cloth biography Inheriting the skills of Suzhou embroidery, the product itself has the characteristics of exquisite and luxurious manual embroidery. The collar embroidery wall cloth absorbs the design style of the British royal family in the pattern design, and integrates with the exquisite embroidery to better show the unique dignity and luxury of the royal family. The British royal style characterized by natural, elegant, implicit and noble adds artistic luster to the traditional oriental embroidery

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