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In the afternoon of March 11, kujiale team visited Kefan headquarters and had an in-depth understanding of the whole house customization ecological chain with Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization

in the afternoon of March 11, the kujiale team visited Kefan headquarters and had an in-depth understanding of the whole house customization ecological chain with Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization. Kefan design integrates the kujiale platform, realizes "design and production integration", and strives to create a unique business model of "big design + smart industry chain"

with the rapid development of customization industry and the increasingly mature market system, the focus of customized home furnishing enterprises has shifted from previous production to design and service. Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan, said that this year, Kefan will focus on the improvement of "product power + service power", deepen cooperation with kujiale to achieve the integration of design, intelligent production and delivery, and enable the terminal to enable dealers to operate efficiently

(Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan, talks with kujiale)

Kefan has always taken design as its core competitiveness. Kujiale connects the sales end and production end, realizes data link in the back-end production, and forms a series of solutions from order splitting production to ERP data tracking. The front end jointly creates the optimal solution of front and rear end integration through powerful system modules, quickly renders and generates 720 ° panorama, which perfectly presents Kefan's design scheme, Realize what you see is what you get for consumers; At the same time, Kefan launched the new Zhimu 2.0 system, which can not only meet the needs of back-end factories to split orders, but also realize the front-end design to generate renderings. The trinity of Kefan, kujiale and Zhimu will work together to create products that truly meet the needs of consumers through information-based big data

(Kefan IDC director liujiulong talks with kujiale)

according to Kefan's strategic layout plan for the next three years, the phase I project of Anhui Lu'an intelligent manufacturing base with an area of about 600 mu has been completed and entered the production stage, reducing the pressure on Guangdong headquarters and expanding production capacity; At the same time, Kefan digitised the intelligent manufacturing base and national stores through two front-end and back-end software, kujiale and Zhimu, which effectively accelerated the intelligent production of Guangdong headquarters base and Lu'an Kefan base, and laid the foundation for Kefan customization to be comprehensive, information-based, systematic and automatic

Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan, has a dialogue with kujiale

kujiale has the industry's advanced cloud design system and huge design resources. In the future, the two sides will realize channel sharing, give Kefan terminal stores strong and effective innovation power, and bring new marketing models to the majority of dealers

kujiale team can help empower Kefan team to provide store designers with a more perfect and convenient scheme design basis, improve the overall order circulation efficiency, and thus achieve efficiency improvement. In order to help Kefan dealers grasp kujiale software more quickly and deeply, Kefan business school will integrate resource advantages, include kujiale training in the annual training plan, and train store designers through online and offline channels

(Zhang Fengyan, director of Kefan business school, talks with kujiale)

at that time, Kefan stores across the country will be able to place orders to the factory with one click through the kujiale intelligent cloud design tool. The shop exports construction drawings with one click and orders to the factory with one click. Professional construction drawings guide the automatic production and installation of the factory. The realization of "integration of design and production" will greatly improve the efficiency of order turnover and lay a solid foundation for Kefan dealers to seize the market

(luojiaming, the manager of Kefan direct store, talks with kujiale)

at present, customized stores are under great pressure for survival and brand competition. Only by improving the operation efficiency of stores can they gradually become bigger and stronger. As consumers pay more and more attention to the sense of scene, experience and participation, Kefan designers can bring consumers a "what you see is what you get" consumption experience with the help of kujiale's cloud design tools: kujiale online house type library can be used by designers efficiently, accurately lock the house type, and eliminate the traditional room measurement time; Can quickly switch different styles according to customer needs; Fast rendering generates 720 ° panorama. On the one hand, it allows customers to see the renderings in a short time. On the other hand, it can widely spread the scheme in the form of link sharing on social networks, so as to harvest a large number of potential customers for cofan terminals

with the sharp tool of terminal bill signing, consumers will be able to enjoy the humanized experience of "spending less time to achieve better solutions", while greatly improving the conversion rate of brand customers and strongly helping terminal marketing

(the scheme effect picture made by the designer of Kefan store with kujiale)

(Kefan 4.0 smart factory)

through this in-depth dialogue, the two sides established a perfect, comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation mechanism and carried out in-depth cooperation. In the future, the two sides will always maintain close cooperation in design, marketing, service and other fields, provide dealers with stronger marketing capabilities, provide customers with more convenient and better consumer experience and home life, and create an advanced customization system integrating factories, stores and customers

on March 26, at the occasion of Guangzhou customized Home Furnishing Exhibition, Kefan customization will hold a press conference with kujiale to realize the implementation of the design and production integration project, build a full chain ecosystem connecting production, marketing and operation through design channels, effectively link front-end design and back-end production, and comprehensively promote the vigorous development of the home furnishing industry with the business model of "big design + smart industrial chain"




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