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As we all know, since the end of welfare housing distribution in 1997, the independent real estate transaction rate has increased year by year. At present, due to the high housing prices and the increase of population, the number of new houses has been continuously decreasing. On the contrary, for the current rigid demand groups, second-hand housing transactions have become the mainstream. Compared with new houses, second-hand houses will undoubtedly undergo large-scale renovation before moving in, and the first thing in the decoration process is to change windows

windows, like human eyes, are not only the main lighting area of the house, but also an important part of the display design. The windows of second-hand houses are generally old, eroded by wind and rain, and their appearance is very ugly. At the same time, most consumers for window households still stay on square plastic steel windows or aluminum alloy windows, with monotonous shape, mediocre function and inconvenient use, It has become increasingly difficult to meet the diversified requirements of consumers for doors and windows. Therefore, it is time to change a window with real fashion and quality

in the current domestic door and window market, yunzhicai door and window has always been in a leading position. The continuous research and development and innovation of products and the grasp of market and consumer demand have made yunzhicai door and window a leading brand in the industry. In terms of products, Yunzhi color doors and windows took the lead in using bridge breaking aluminum with better quality, and introduced technology and equipment from Germany, which changed the plastic steel doors and windows with easy deformation and low cost, and promoted bridge breaking aluminum to become the mainstream of the market. We have always kept pace with the times in product research and development. For example, the arc doors and windows launched in 2015 have become door and window artifacts, and their products are very close to consumers. At the same time, Yunzhi caimen and windows also created a super 5S system service integrating manufacturing, processing, installation, sales and after-sales, and created a shopping experience store

keeping up with the pace of consumer demand, excellent product quality and continuous technological innovation are the reasons why yunzhicai doors and windows can stand out in the door and window industry with many brands. It is believed that yunzhicai doors and windows will achieve greater development in the future





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