Structural analysis of telescopic door

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Telescopic door structure analysis

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

telescopic doors have opened up the development trend of the door and window industry, and gradually promote the intelligent development of doors and windows. We are both familiar and unfamiliar with telescopic doors. Today, I will introduce the structural analysis of telescopic doors

first of all, the telescopic door is composed of three parts. Door body, head and controller

the door body is composed of the main parts of the door body frame, cross brace, shaft (fixed shaft, sliding shaft) and telescopic door wheel

the machine head is composed of a driver and an electrical part. It is fixed at one end of the telescopic door body to drive the telescopic movement of the door body, which is used together with the telescopic door body

the controller consists of a control box, a desktop controller and a handle remote control

the three play a synergistic role, which are indispensable to each other and jointly control the operation of the telescopic door

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